Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar

This lullaby is a favourite amongst children and parents.  It was one of

the “must do” songs at bedtime for both my children.

I remember one year, during Mother Goose in the Park, we

started to sing it, and one little boy started to cry and say “I

don’t wanna go to bed yet!”. His mom said she sang it to

him religiously, before nap time and before bed. She said

that it was his favourite lullaby, but only before bed time. It

took him a couple of weeks to realize he didn’t have to take

a nap when we sang it in the park 🙂

Fuzzy wuzzy, caterpillar
Crawling on the ground
Fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar
Never makes a sound –Shhh
Soon you will be sleeping,
Softly lullaby,
And when you awaken,
You will be a butterfly.

I made up my own ending for those in my classes for toddlers and up.  
It goes like this...

Flying, flying butterflies.
Flying, flying butterflies.
Flying high... 
And flying low...
Flying fast...
And flying slow...
Flying, flying butterflies.

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