Slice, Slice

This is a great massage song. There has been a lot of research indicating the importance of intentional touch 

to the growth and development of babies.  Massage encourages the production of a hormone in the brain called Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and stimulates nerve growth all over the body. It also improves nerve myelination, creating better mind to body communication. Massage can be used to encourage relaxation, to help build muscle tone, to strengthen the immune system, improve circulation, reduce colic or pain caused by teething or constipation, and helps induce sleep.

I encourage you to explore baby massage and to try using this rhyme after bath time or in the morning when your baby wakes.


Slice, slice the bread is nice, 
Spread, spread, butter on the bread 
Some jam on top to make it sweet, 
And now it’s good enough to eat!


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