Valentine’s Lullaby

This is a nice lullaby sung to the tune of “Love Me Tender”. Babies and children love to be sung to,

especially before bed time. It doesn’t matter if you think you don’t have a great singing voice, your child will love your voice and enjoy the special time they spend with you singing to them or singing with them. You can even make up your own words when singing to them and they would still love it. I know a dad who loved reading the Globe and Mail, and would sing articles to his children so that he could get his reading in and they got to benefit from his singing. Of course you’ll have to make sure what you are singing is appropriate for your child! 😉

I used songs and stories with both of my children, as part of our regular bedtime routine. I would read them a story or make one up, talk about their day, and then sing them 2 or 3 lullabies (once in a while I would make up my own words to songs). On days when I was really tired, I would just sing them a few lullabies and that was enough for them.

I hope you enjoy this lullaby. There is a recording of this song below the lyrics 🙂

You’re my rainbow, you’re my star,
You’re my sunrise from afar.
You're my cherry, you're my pie,
You're the apple of my eye.
I’m your friend and you are mine,
Will you be my Valentine?
I’m your friend and you are mine,
You're my own true Valentine ♥


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