Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar

This song has been a lullaby favourite of many 
children and caregivers.  My own two kids requested 
this song at bedtime for many years.  I've added an 
optional verse at the end which can be added to change 
it from a lullaby into more of an action song.  

If you'd like to add some ASL signs, to make a 
caterpillar, you wiggle your pointer finger up your 
arm & for butterfly you look at your palms, cross 
your hands, connect your thumbs and flap your fingers. 
If you sing the optional verse at the end, you can use the
 butterfly flying to encourage eye tracking in your baby.
Fuzzy wuzzy, caterpillar crawling on the ground
Fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar never makes a sound –Shhh
Soon you will be sleeping, softly lullaby,
And when you awaken, you will be a butterfly.

Optional verse: 
Flying, flying butterflies.
Flying, flying butterflies.
Flying high... 
And flying low...
Flying fast...
And flying slow...
Flying, flying butterflies.

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