Adventure In Music

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 These classes have been specially designed using both my background in music and music therapy. Activities in these classes not only target the learning of musical concepts and musicianship, but also incorporate reaching goals in all other domains of child development, such as Language/speech, Social, Emotional, Physical (fine and gross motor), cognitive, spiritual/creative.
All of my music and movement classes are based upon the pedagogical methodologies of Zoltan Kodaly, Carl Orff, and Emile Jaques-Dalcroze, three leading methodologies in children’s music and movement classes.
Using a variety of pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments and props we explore a variety of musical concepts (rhythm, pitch, tempo, dynamics, etc).
We’ll sing songs, chant rhymes, play instruments together, let out a laugh during parachute time and enjoy a snuggle or dance with your child. All of the class activities encourage language development, socialization, bonding, and motor skill development. All music and movement programs require parent/caregiver participation.

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